Daigan Corleone, the Sunblessed

Valessean Sorcerer Bard


With golden hair and bright blue eyes, Daigan is, in one word, dazzling.


Born to the noble house of Corleone, Daigan seems to have a soft kindness about her that isn’t often seen among the higher nobility.
Having discovered her powers early in life, she, along with twin sister Nihra, quickly mastered the art of sorcery and gained a reputation as a powerful magician. Daigan is the superior caster when compared to her sister, but that superiority comes with a price.
Having realized that her magical abilities would not save her in every situation, she turned to a bardic servant of the household in hopes of acquiring some skill that would serve her in battle and out. To her joy, she found a natural talent for music, healing, and archery. Adding her own magical touch to Cilia’s lessons, Daigan is now a powerful asset on the field and will use her magical abilities to aide herself, and her allies, much to the dismay of her opponents.

Daigan’s best partner is her sister. They know each other’s weaknesses and strengths inside and out, making battle against the pair an intimidating task.

Daigan Corleone, the Sunblessed

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