Nihra Corleone, the Stormstruck

Valessean Sorcerer Fighter


Wheat blonde hair tumbles down her proud shoulders, and eyes more grey than blue are framed by a pale face. Though she shares the same face as her sister, and possesses a striking beauty of her own, Nihra has often been described as a ‘washed out’ version of her sister by those who take her aloof demeanor as a personal insult.


Third child of the Corleone household, Nihra lacks the easy going nature of her twin sister, Daigan, and their younger brother Cadmon. Instead, she is more reserved, much like her older brother Stefen.
But while Stefen’s reservation comes from a surprising shyness, Nihra’s almost brisk manner is a direct result of the rather unwanted attention her sister tends to garner with a simple smile. Daigan’s sweetness sometimes attracts people with unsavory intentions, but Nihra’s harsh remarks, and fierce protectiveness of her sister, keeps most at bay. Those that are… more persistent learn first hand why she was given the title ‘Stormstruck’.
Unwilling to let her sister be the only one deny herself the use of magic, Nihra turned to the more martial side of battle. Armed with a weighted spear, she will run into a fight without anyone at her side, knowing that her sister has her back from a far.

Nihra’s priority will always be Daigan, and she has been known to grab her sister and run from a fight if she believes her twin is in danger.

Nihra Corleone, the Stormstruck

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