Stefen Corleone

(former) Member of the Order of the Red Viper


Eldest child of the Corleone line, Stefen was always the epitome of nobility.
Though not needing to, he entered into the service of the Red Viper, a prestigious knights guild, in order to add more merit to his family’s name.
While there, he formed a fast bond with Rein Byrnhardt and the two were near inseparable.

Stefen began to notice strange occurrences within the Order. More violent tendencies, missing knights, dark forebodings all around. A friend of his who had been in the Order far longer took Stefen aside and warned him of a grim change to come, advising him to leave while he still could. Stefen took this information to Rein and Bella, his cousin, begging them to leave the order with him. Both refused. Bella, because she was still a knight in training and believed herself capable of great deeds. Rein, because if they left, Stefen would still have his nobility and future ahead of him, but Rein would have nothing. An argument broke out between the two men, and resulted in a falling out. Though heartbroken, Stefen made Rein promise to protect Bella, hoping the two would keep each other safe.

Then came the slaughter of the Owls. When Stefen heard of the events at Agrith, how Bella took a stand against the injustice and was struck down by her own Order, he was devastated. Why had they not left when he begged them to? Why had Rein not protected his cousin? Where was Rein now, and was he hurt? And for the love of the gods why had Rein just not listened to him when he pleaded with him?
Angry, grieving, but still worried about the well being of his former friend, Stefen sent out messengers and scouts to find Rein. The information came back that Rein had fled, and was last seen walking into the Voation Desert.

The two have not spoken in the past seven years, the last exchange between them being nothing but bitter, angry words.

Stefen Corleone

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